Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dita Von Teese Classics for an Awesome Beauty

 Dita Von Teese is one, if not the only, celebrity on Hollywood who goes for a glamorous classic look even with makeup. As such, she really stands out from the rest and you can immediately tell her apart from other stars. Perhaps there some women out there who want to emulate the way she looks. Achieving the kind of look she has is not easy. But Dita gives hope to those women through her very own classic makeup collection.

Dita launched her makeup collection called Dita Von Teese Classics in partnership with German-based brand Artdeco. The collection is complete with the materials needed to come up with her glamorously classic look. It has everything needed for the eyes, cheek, lips, face and more!

Are you excited to know what they are and what they’re like?

The Dita Von Teese Classics is composed of four great Blushers: Paramour No. 22, Ingenue No. 9, Starlet No. 31 and Ivresse No. 20.
Eye Shadow Matt (Top) Glamorous Eye Shadows (Below)
Dita also provides two kinds of eyeshadows: Eye Shadows Matt and Glamour Eye Shadows. Both kinds have six great colors to suit any occasion.

Her red pout is one of Dita’s trademarks hence she didn’t forget to include amazing lipsticks in her collection. She has six of them namely Muse Red No. 615, Parlez-Vous No. 620, Maitresse No. 628, Bon Bon No. 607, Follies Pink No. 637 and Demoiselle No. 645.

Dita has also come up with stylish false eyelashes! There’s also the Beauty Box Quadro that’s a must-have. Her collection also includes nail polish to make your hands look glamorous.

Great beauty collection isn’t it? It’s quite obvious that Dita thought about it pretty well.  Have you tried any?

Photo Source: Art Deco