Monday, December 12, 2016

Bella Thorne in Daringly Outrageous Gown at Critics Choice Awards

The wind might be blowing and the weather may be cold but that hasn't fazed actress Bella Thorne from wearing an outrageously skimpy attire at the annual Critics Choice Awards in Santa Monica.

The 19-year-old is becoming known for wearing daring ensembles and the Steven Khalil gown was no exception. You don't need to guess that she wasn't wearing anything underneath as the sheer material reveals almost all. Bella's modesty was preserved merely by the strategically-placed panels. From Khalil's 2017 couture collection, the gown is completely sheer on one side and has black and gold material on the other. The back was totally bare too!

Good thing the actress knew how to move with the gown that she didn't suffer any wardrobe malfunction at the event. This outfit is totally outrageous and deserves to be featured here.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vanessa Hudgens Got Pretty Cute Nails for Coachella Festival

Vanessa Hudgens probably thinks that people will be scrutinizing her nails at the Coachella festival hence, the actress splurged $190 in beautifying her nails at the Laque Nail Bar in Los Angeles. If you ask me, this amount seems worth it based on the photo that she posted on her Instagram account.

The nail job, which took three hours by the way, involves all of Vanessa’s nails painted in brown and decorated with Swarovski crystals of different shapes and sizes. The nail on the ring finger of her right hand is embellished with a gold marijuana leaf. According to the salon owner Marina Torosian the Swarovski crystals cost $15 per batch and the hand-drawn marijuana leaf also has a different price, which is why the nail job cost a total of $190.

I have to say, Vanessa’s pretty cute fingernails will definitely catch attention at Coachella this weekend!

Would you splurge $190 on nails like these?