Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Introducing the Most Outrageous Underwear Ever!

And I thought g-string is the briefest underwear for women that there could ever be. Well I didn't know there could be something even more outrageous! Some start up seems to be challenging the use of g-strings. Their product is the Babapanty and they dub it as the "invisible panties!"  Why invisible panties? Just take a look at the photo and you'll know why!

Now you know what I'm talking about. I can't even call it panties. hat's an out-of-this-world contraption for women and I assure you, if this goes mainstream, I won't buy or wear one. There's probably no chance that it will be mainstream since its designers are still looking for backers in order to produce it. They need to raise $10,000 and so far there only five backers and $110 in all. 

In their ad it says 

"Absolutely invisible panties! Use them every day, be sexy and free, even when you're having "special women's" days!
Do you like to be more liberated and free, especially in hot weather? Take away unnecessary cloth from your body, feel freedom and freshness, but be safe and comfortable at the same time! 
But the invisibility not only advantage of our panties. Every woman has a several days in a month, when she couldn't be completely comfortable and free in her usual underwear :("
Sexy? Free? in this contraption? Rather than wear this outrageous contraption why not just go commando. It's a waste of money if you ask me.