Friday, March 30, 2012

Smell Great with Solid Perfumes by Ferragamo, Estee Lauder and More!

Do you like perfumes? Perhaps you have a collection of those beautifully bottled designer fragrances eh? But you know there are more attractive-looking perfumes that you can add to your collection. And you don't always have to stick to the typical liquid perfume.; there are solid perfumes avaiable as well and they are just as sweet smelling!
If you're looking for something like this you can try the Bloom Solid Perfume Broach by Salvatorre Ferragamo. This creation can serve a dual purpose. Just remove the the bow from metal case and voila! simply use it as a "Vara Brooch" or accessory. This will only cost you $42.

Robert Piguet has somehting similar to offer as well. It's a compact solid perfume that offers a fabulous scent made up of tuberose, white flower, orange, jasmine, jonquil. lily, white iris, and pink geranium. This one costs $75.

French company Quelques Fleurs is also offers a Solid Perfume Compact. It's has a very attractive and expensive 24-karat gold plated compact with a jewel stone perched in the middle. this is more expensive at $195.

And the most expensive of all is Estee Lauder's Sensuous Success Solid which is contained in a purple lock container. This uniquely-designed solid perfume can be worn as a pendant. It's the most expsieve of these four at $225.

You can all these at Neiman Marcus.