Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outrageous Rayfish Sneakers Grown from Stingrays

Have you ever heard of such a thing as growing your footwear? Quite an outrageous idea isn't it? But you know what? A new footwear company called Rayfish Foowear doesn't think so. This company is, I think, the first to let customers "grow" the material needed to make the shoes they want!

Curious isn't it? You see, Rayfish Footwear specializes in making sneakers from the skin of stingrays! They mix and match different variety of stingrays' DNA in order to come up with the desired pattern and color. The process involves manipulating the stingrays' color and pattern genes and they put in a synthetic supergene into fetus stingrays. As complicated the process may sound to us, folks at Rayfisf Footwear have it down to the dot.

I don't think anyone would dare imitate this kind of money-making biz because the technology used by the company is already patented.

Rayfish footwear's methods have also raised questions regarding the ethics of such ways. The company has also been slammed by animal welfare group PETA. But all those don't seem to faze Rayfish footwear. Although the company is not yet doing its regular production, they're already introducing it by means of a design contest where the champs will receive a free pair. Regular production is expected to commence sometime this year and when that happens, a pair will only cost $1,800.

The shoe samples posted in the company's website look fabulous no doubt about it. But considering the process involved in order to make them kind of dampens my enthusiasm. But if it were up to you, would you grow your own outrageous stingray shoes by Rayfish Footwear?

Photo Source: Rayfish