Saturday, November 3, 2012

Channel Your Inner Princess with Sephora's Disney Cinderella Collection

I know there are still a lot ladies out there who wish they could recreate the inner princess they dreamed about in their younger days. The inner princess inspired by the timeless Disney character Cinderella!   It's not yet too late to bring out the inner princess with Sephora's new product line-up.

Sephora, in partnership with Disney, has created the Disney Cinderella Collection for Fall/Winter that can help you ladies bring out your inner princess! The collection includes everything that necessary to make a pretty face.

The Disney Cinderella Collection includes a four-piece lipstick set called Moonlit Kiss, a four-piece eyeshadow palette called Midnight Hour, a twenty-piece eyeshadow palette named Storylook, a six-piece nail polish set called A Brush with Fate and a very cute compact mirror that will easily fit inside a purse. There's a perfume as well called So This Is Love with a Swarovski variety costing $175.

The colors used in these products are exactly like the ones used in the original movies so, owners can really look like Cinderella!

Don't have second thoughts about it! Go for Sephora's Disney Cinderella Collection before the clock strikes midnight!

Photo Credit: Sephora