Monday, November 12, 2012

Ugg Boots Sales Drop Drastically!

Ugg what? Are those boots? Sometimes it’s kind of hard to believe that the Ugg boots is one the favorite footwear among celebrities. But is the said boot still a huge favorite today? Recent sales report shows that it’s not. Apparently, sales dropped 31% during the third quarter of this year. Some of the factors named for this phenomenon include cheap imitations, elevated prices and warm summer.

This downward spiral of Ugg boots’ sales is becoming disadvantageous for the company. If they don’t come up with a new strategy to make the boots attractive again, there might come a time when Ugg Boots will cease to be produced.

Anyway, before that happens, you Ugg boots fans should check out what Ugg Boots Australia has to offer! One of the newest arrivals they have is the Womens Classic Short Exotic which comes with a zebra-like pattern. It has hints of suede and optional color-pop aqua sole/bindings. Unlike other Ugg boots designs, this one is quite normal to look at.

Anyway, do you own an Ugg boot? Which design is it?

Photo CRedit: Ugg Boots