Thursday, February 16, 2012

Looking Back on Whitney Houston's Style

Perhaps you already heard the news, the very sad news about Whitney Houston's passing? One of the greatest and most beautiful voices of all time is gone, forever at only 48. Until now, the actual cause of her death is still being investigated and reports have it that it's going to take about six weeks to complete the toxicology tests. Until the true cause of her death is found out, I guess there won't be a closure for fans and especially her family.

Aside from being known for her spectacular voice, Whitney was also renowned for her style! This woman had a great fashion sense. Her style is unique and it works very well for her.

And from what I've seen of her red carpet and performance photos, Whitney loved skirts, long dresses, minis and gowns with glittering sequins! She also loved to go for bold colors like sometimes and she likes white too.

I just comfort myself looking at some of her fabulous photos from the past so if you're feeling kind of lost like me, take some time to look at her fashion photos.