Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kirsten Dunst Goes for Dramatic Look in Honor Dress

One of the events that you have to watch out for if you want to see some fabulous dresses are movie premieres! This is one of those times that celebrities really dress up and take fashion up to the nines. Sometimes it doesn't have to be all couture creation in order to b classy; even those with simple cuts are the ones that get noticed just like the dress worn by Kirsten Dunst at the premiere of her new movie Melancholia.

Kirsten sashayed on the red carpet at Curzon Mayfair in London, England. Her outfit came straight from the Spring 2012 Honor Collection by Giovanna Randall. It featured a paisley print bustier with a ruffled neckline. For her feet she chose a pair of navy Nicholas Kirkwood pumps.

I like this outfit very much! The silhouette has a sort of dramatic effect that I'm so into. I figured The Spring 2012 Honor Collection has something more to offer and voila! It's made up of fabulous pieces! You just have to check them out!

Photo Credit: Million Looks, NY Mag