Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wanna Have Sauna Detox

Have you ever been to a sauna? Honestly, I haven’t. I just don’t the time for it at the moment. But from what my other friends tell me, going to a sauna is can do wonders to one’s health, and also to beauty. Hmm, I really that last part about beauty, who wouldn’t? Work has been very stressful lately and I can feel even my pores oozing with stress. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But, really, one of these days I just have to try out what it’s like and if its benefits are real. But first things first are there different kinds of saunas? Yes there are. The one that most people go to is the traditional sauna. However, there is a more modern one called the infrared sauna.

Now, infrared saunas are becoming the most recommended kind by a lot of doctors. This is because the heat can penetrate the body much deeper. People who have ailments and problems like inflammation, weight loss, cholesterol, and high blood pressure will greatly benefit the infrared sauna. All toxins buried deep inside the skin are pulled out by the heat. Actually, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone because not only are toxins removed your skin is also exfoliated in the process.

I’m really liking this a lot. Maybe I’ll find a infrared sauna tomorrow. Join me?