Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sephora Collection Harmony Trio Bronzer and Brush Sale Rush!

My makeup is just about gone and I'm looking for a new one. Sephora might just have the perfect product for me and it's the Sephora Collection Harmony Trio Bronzer! I really love earth colors when it comes to makeup because they just provide a natural look. This Harmony Trio Bronzer fits the bill. The shades can be used not only on the cheeks and eyes but also on your shoulders and other body parts you wish to expose and enhance. And to blend the colors evenly on your skin, why not get Sephora's Bronzer Brush? These two items are a perfect match! You'll also be able to save a lot because these two are on promo! You can get them both at $30 only! Sephora is having this on a limited time offer.

Source: Sephora