Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do You Know Matryoshka?

Matryoshka...Maybe the term is unfamilair to you. If you don't it's nothing to worry your head about because the word is Russian, and it means doll. It suddenly popped in my mind...i don't know why. I can recall though that when I was just a child, my Grandmother taught us about some Russian words and, you guessed it right, Matryoshka is one of them.
Making some research on Matryoshka, I found out that this has an interesting history. It is also called as nesting dolls or stacking dolls. I think it's called that because of their size, going from extra large, large, medium to small. It is not so clear where and how this doll came about, but throughout the years, fairs and festivals all over the world have had the chance to have the Matryoshka grace their shows. If you get a chance to go to Russia you'll see that this is the most popular souvenier that shops will offer you.