Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pure Color for Your Lips by Estee Lauder

 Estee Lauder is one of the trusted names when it comes to beauty. It is because it uses the best ingredients and uses excellent technology in manufacturing its products, take for example their lipsticks. They have some great lipsticks like the Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick. This has amazing light-emitting prism pearls that allow luminous effects. Another great thing about it is its silver and gold sparkle pearls that neutralize liptone. This Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick is available in a variety of colors!

For those who don't want the extra shine, the Pure Color Vivid Lipstick is the perfect choice. It's made of matte creme that offers rich and intense color impact. This particular lipstick is only available in tow colors Violet Crush and Black Cassis.

If ever you get tired of your lipstick color, you can use the Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick Luminizer that transforms every lipstick shade! It's like magic! All you need to do is apply it over your lipstick. Four Luminizers are available: Gunmetal that changes color into something deep, dark and dramatic; Pearlescent that lightens color with pearly glow; Foil that adds silvery finish and Lame that gives a golden finish.

These are great lipstick choices. Which one do you like best?

Photo Credit: Estee Lauder