Thursday, July 5, 2012

Smell Fresh and Light with Classique Summer 2012 by Gaultier

Who's looking for a new fragrance? There's the new fragrance called Classique Summer 2012 by Jean Paul Gaultier! See? Even its name beckons you to take it for the and make it your scent of choice for the summer of 2012! 

Light and fresh scents are the "in" perfumes during summer because even you sweat, they don't become overpowering. The Classique Summer 2012 fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier is exactly like that! It's lgith and fresh; perfect for night and day time wear! Yup even in the sweltering heat!

This Classique Summer 2012 perfume is light because it is composed of clementine, rose and orange blossom as its tops notes. And you experience the scent deeper, you'll notice hints of the exotic ylang-ylang, Sambac jasmine. lily of the valley and white iris. Under all those flavors are amber, vanilla and fresh musk.

aside from the great scent, this perfume also comes in a sexy bottle! Literally sexy because the bottle is the hour-glass figure of a woman! It's got floral prints all over it.

So how about a Classique Summer 2012 perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier?