Saturday, September 3, 2011

Million Dollar DKNY Perfume Will Blow Your Mind!

What is the most expensive perfume you've ever encountered so far? Is is Dior, Dolce & Gabbana? Or celebrity made perfumes perhaps? Well, if those perfumes cost hundreds of thousands of dolars, they still aren't the most expensive the world. You see the most expensive perfume now belongs to DKNY and it costs $1 Million!

What makes it so special is its packaging. The scent is contained in a bottle exquisitely crafted from 14-carat gold and coated with 2,909 precious stones. Aside from that it also has a 4.03-carat pear-shaped diamond and 3.07-carat ruby. The bottle is quite a sight!

This million dollar fragrance is being sold for charity. Sales will go to Action Against Hunger.

But don't worry, if you want this DKNY perfume, there's one in an ordinary version/bottle that costs $42.

Photo Credit: Stylist