Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Designer Handbag Treat for the Eyes!

What wouldn't you do to have at least five designer handbags? Alright maybe even just one designer handbag since that's a more realistic figure.

Perhaps you'd go as far as walk on a tightrope just to have one as a reward. I found some great handbags that would surely make you drool! Take a look at these designer handbags!

On the upper left is the Dalece Hobo Bag from Guess, below that is the Goldie Hobo bag from Lindsay Lohan's 6126 collection, in the middle is the Fur Trousse Shoulder Bag from Lanvin. The one on the upper right is the Audrey Snake-Embossed Shoulder Bag by Rachel Zoe. The one below that is the Castro Fur Handbag by Marc Jacobs.

So, which of these do you like best?