Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Antonio Banderas Shares The Secret

Perfumes are not only for women, we all know that. Men have also recently discovered the power of perfumes. They can attract women simply by their aroma!

However, there are various kinds of perfumes for men out there today that it can be hard to choose.

But, if I were to choose perfume for my man, I'd try "The Secret" by Antonio Banderas. This perfume is oozing sexiness and virility that Antonio himself is known for. "The Secret" is made up of notes of leather, cinnamon, and pepper. Quite an interesting mix.

"The Secret" which is Antonio's 7th fragrance will be out in August.

Source: Stylist


eula_w said...

I think that is an interesting perfume.

My brother use pheromones attract women as his perfume. :)