Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Scandalous VHS Tape Dress

Tape dress. Have you ever seen one? I actually haven't until I saw what Micaela Schaefer wore at the "Men In Black III" premiere! Micaela wasn't a part of the cast but she just showed up at the venue in Germany and shocking everyone in the process.

You can hardly call it a dress because the outfit is only composed of strips of VHS tape, as in the tape itself, that barely cover her vital parts! She's obviously bra-less because you can see her nipples peeking through the strips of tape. it's not even just side boob anymore but the whole breasts on display! It's scandalous! But for sure the lecherous men in the venue enjoyed her red carpet show.

Do you agree that Micaela's VHS tape dress is scandalous?

Photo Credit: Inquisitr

Monday, May 14, 2012

Love Pink Boyfriend Pant by Victoria's Secret!

Pink? Who doesn't adore it? It's one of the loveliest color man ever had the fortune to create! But do you want to know what else Pink stands for? It for the Victoria's Secret "Love Pink Lounge!" It's actually a whole new line of pink clothing that shouts comfort and at the same time sex appeal!
VS describes it as "The one. The only. The Boyfriend Pant. Our comfiest fit & your latest crush." Indeed this new line has adorable pieces that is fit not only for teens but even for adults! The boyfriend pant as mentioned in the description is all about hanging loose and just being free! It features super loose but super soft long straight leg. It is made of lightweight fleece so comfort is definitely assured. To let people know it's from the Pink collection, the word "Pink" is emblazoned on the leg. It features drawstring elastic waist, side pockets and boxer style rear.

This Boyfriend Pant by VS comes in a rainbow of colors! Really! There's neon hot pink, hot orange, sapphire, purple, heather grey and black! And it only costs $44.50 apiece. Nice isn't it?
To complete the relaxed look, you can even pair up this Boyfriend Pant with the Slouchy Crop Tank in five great colors. It's only $17.50!

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret