Friday, June 8, 2012

Pretty and Cute Crochet Shorts!

Crochet shorts? Well, I think it’s one of the hottest trends today! But really, what’s so special about this kind of shorts? I think it’s the fact that most of them bear intricate patterns that make them unique is one thing. Some of the patterns seem difficult that’s why they give the impression that they are handcrafted. And maybe some of them really are! Aside from that, they are comfortable to use. The fabric is soft and non-constricting unlike denim shorts.

If you are intrigued by crochet shorts, you should try one for yourself! Anyway, it summer time so you’ll be going with the season wearing crochet shorts. With the right choice, it will draw attention to your legs fabulously! 

So, in case you don’t know where to start, here are some examples of very pretty and cute crochet shorts.  There are the crochet shorts by Zara which features scallop-like pattern. Its beige color will go well with almost any color of top. If you like white Zara has another pair that has flower details all over it.

A bit of shine is offered by the Metallic Crochet shorts from Topshop. It has some lining underneath the mesh overlay.Two-toned crochet shorts are available as well at Topshop. The Knitted Crochet Dip Dye shorts are the perfect example. It’s a mix of white and purple.

Do you know that denim and crochet can go together too? That’s evident in the Moto Crochet Hotpants. The right side of full denim while the left side has a diamond crochet patterned sewn on top.
Which of them is suited to you?