Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Rainbow of Colors in Sephora Electric 360

My makeup case is a goner! I accidentally dropped it while I was in the bathroom and wham! All the colors flew everywhere like powder. Anyway, that makeup case I had only contained of a few colors, which is sometimes inconvenient when I need to use a different color that's not included in the palette. I haven't bought a new one yet. I'm still on the look-out. But for sure I'll buy something like this Electric 360 Palette from Sephora. If I can't find it, I'll buy something similar.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let’s Go for Gold!

I’m really not sure where it was I read that gold is the color to go for this fall season. Well, I can’t really disagree because everyone could use more color during this drab and cold time of the year. But you know it’s not only your clothes, accessories or make up that can come in gold this coming season. Even your pocket could use some if you really desire it! But before you start digging for any kind of gold, you should have some knowledge about it first. A great site that can provide great information about the different kinds of gold coins as well as gold bullion in the market is GoldCoinsGain.com.

This site specializes in gold coins that you’ll find vital information about just any kind of coin from almost all countries around the globe. Through GoldCoinsGain.com you’ll be able to tell how a Liberty Quarter Eagle is different from a Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, or an American Buffalo from an Australian Gold Nugget. The site also provides essential information regarding Certified Gold Coins, Gold Bullion Coins, and other precious metal. Useful gold investing information is also provided to your advantage.

Well, I sure want to get some gold soon so I’ll be sure to check out this site with its gold mine of information.